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  • Waivers and Cancellations

  • Liability Waivers

    Liability Waivers are required for all programs and activities with us. Waivers are electronically signed via computer, smart phone or tablet. No printed copies are necessary.

    Sign the Liability Waiver

  • Cancellation Policies

    We run a small family owned company whose focus is on creating incredible adventures for people just like you!

    Keep in mind that you are choosing to participate in an adventure activity, and sometimes that calls for just simply being adventurous! Our cancellation policy is pretty straight forward.

    Cancellation/Rescheduling Timeline:

    1) If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, there is no cancellation fee and you are welcome to reschedule or receive a refund or rain-check. If you used a special voucher to book the trip, you will be issued a new voucher by our businesses that can be used on a future adventure.

    2) If you cancel between 24 – 48 hours in advance, 50% will be withheld from the refund, or a 15% rescheduling fee will be assessed.

    3) If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or fail to show up for your trip, no refund will be given and there are no rescheduling options. You have forfeit this adventure.

    Caveat for cancellation/rescheduling: if you are feeling ill, are on quarantine or have reason to suspect that you may have COVID-19, please contact us promptly. That's one bug from the outdoors that we don't want to share. 

    Additional Fees:

    If you are renting equipment and fail to return it, you will be charged additional daily rental fees for up to one week. If the equipment is still not returned one week after the intended return date, your credit card will be charged for the replacement of that equipment.

    If you are renting equipment and return it significantly damaged, you will be charged either cleaning and repair costs, or replacement costs depending on the item and extent of the damage.

    Reasons we will cancel or reschedule a water-sport activity:

    • Severe weather (thunderstorms, lightening, extremely high winds, threats of flash floods or tornadoes)
    • Floods - our beloved Cannon river is, well, a river, it floods annually. We monitor the levels carefully and will shut down river paddling when the water is too high.

    Reasons why we might cancel a winter trip (location dependent):

    • There is a blizzard
    • There is an ice storm
    • The highways are closed
    • The abominable snowman steals our snowshoes
    • The actual temperature is below -10 degrees Fahrenheit
    • The windchill is below -20 degrees Fahrenheit
    • It's raining
    • There is no snow at the snowshoeing location
    • Our guide team is sick or on quarantine

    Things we will not cancel or reschedule a reservation for:

    • It's too cold.
    • It's too hot.
    • It's too humid.
    • It's too rainy.
    • It's too cloudy.
    • It's too sunny.
    • It's colder where I live.
    • It's colder in Antarctica.
    • I think you get the picture. If it's not listed in our reasons why we would cancel, then it's a personal decision on your part and the choice is yours and our cancellation and refund policies apply as normal.

    Reasons you might be asked to not attend a trip. If you are asked to leave due to one of the following, you will not be offered a refund or a reschedule and you have forfeit this adventure.

    • You are inebriated
    • You are severely inadequately dressed for our activities (this includes wearing jeans to winter activities)
    • You are wearing inappropriate footwear (do NOT wear high heel boots - can you tell there's a story here? lol!)
    • You show up on the wrong day


    If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.