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  • Voucher Q&A

  • Q. How do I use a voucher?

    A. On the check out screen, enter your first voucher code in the promo/discount box.  


    Q. My voucher or seasonal activity expired.  Now what?

    A. While the promotion on the voucher may have expired, or the weather changed to no longer allow us to continue the promotional activity, the value paid for the voucher never expires.  Example:  John buys a voucher for moonlight snowshoeing and the next weekend has a skiing accident that doesn't allow him to use the voucher this winter.  The promotional activity expires, but John can use the value he paid for the voucher towards kayaking in the summer, or a backpacking trip in the fall or even towards snowshoeing next year.  The paid value of the voucher never expires.

    Q. Does the value that I paid for the voucher ever expire?

    A. No.  Minnesota State law (which you can read here) requires us to honor all paid value of vouchers just like a gift card.  Honestly, it's our pleasure to do so!  So, don't loose your voucher number, it's like losing a gift card. 

    Q. I lost my voucher, will you replace it?

    A. Vouchers are like gift cards.  It is your responsibility to treat it like cash.  If lost, we are not responsible for replacing it.

    Q. Do you sell vouchers or gift cards?

    A. Absolutely!  They are available for sale on the website.

    Q. I bought my voucher from a third-party vendor and I want a refund.

    A. Please contact the third-party vendor about refunds.  If you did not purchase it from us, we cannot refund you for a payment you did not make to us.