• Paddling at Union Lake

  • What better way to hang out with friends on a beautiful day, while staying socially distanced without feeling like that's what you're doing? Have a kayak party on the lake! Honestly, you have to try hard to get close to each other! And let's just be honest, if you're that close, you are well within splash range! Too fun!

    Union Lake is a quiet lake just off of Hwy 35 at the Northfield exit. There's a fabulous pavilion, kids play area, and a LOT of steps leading down to the water to just kick back and plant a beach chair in the water. There's also a boat ramp 100ft to the north of the park where we lock up all of our kayaks and paddleboards that we rent out. Please kindly park your vehicle at the park and walk over to the boat ramp to pick up your gear and return it to the same location. 

    A few notes about using the boat ramp. There is a dock, but DO NOT try to step from the dock into your kayak or onto your paddleboard. Just walk it down into the water and once you are deep enough step into/onto your watercraft. You can maneuver your watercraft over to the dock while in the water and use the dock to stabilize yourself. Please be cognizant and courteous of motorized boats and kindly leave the fishermen alone. They are there enjoying their form of leisure too. 

  • Boat ramp at Union Lake / Albers Park

    Paddle party at Union Lake

    Paddling at Union Lake