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  • Call or text: 507-407-4327

  • Snowshoeing Checklist

  • What to wear?

    • Rule Number 1: No cotton. We are serious. Cotton is a leading cause of hypothermia in cold conditions.  FYI, jeans are cotton.  If you show up wearing jeans, you will be asked to don a pair of Norwegian fishing pants or simply sent home. No refunds or reschedules will be offered if you show up with inappropriate attire.  Sorry, but it's for your own safety.
    • Check out this detailed informational video about cold weather layering systems
    • Top
      • Base layer - athletic t-shirt or tank top - merino, nylon or polyester - no cotton
      • Mid-layer - long sleeve shirt - merino, polyester, ultralight fleece
      • Vest - fleece, merino, poly-fill, or Omni-heat
      • Mid-weight fleece if it's really cold
      • Soft-shell jacket for dry conditions, hard-shell for wet/snowy conditions - avoid down jackets as they do not breathe and you will quickly overheat with no way to temperature regulate
    • Bottom
      • If it's cold, silk, poly, or merino leggings - no cotton
      • If it's really cold, fleece pants
      • Snowpants, shell pants or in worse case windbreaker running pants - waterproof is better as you'll naturally kick up a lot of snow onto the backs of your legs
    • Accessories
      • Merino socks - there's nothing else like it that will keep your feet warm and dry while being super comfortable to wear (and stink free!)
      • Comfortable boots, or shoes if you desire - we highly recommend that your footwear is waterproof - absolutely nothing with a heel!  You will be asked to go home.
      • Thin gloves inside of warmer gloves or mitts
      • Fleece, poly or merino hat
      • Fleece or merino neck gaiter if the conditions warrant
      • Daypack to carry your water and any extra garments as you get too hot

    What to bring?

    • All Trips: Agua! You'll be exercising, so make sure you bring water and hydrate often
    • Small backpack - store your water, camera & extra layers as needed
    • 'Shoe & Brew Trips: High calorie snacks - we carry mini Snickers bars
    • 'Shoe & Brew Trips: Trekking poles with snow baskets - optional (also available for rent)
    • 'Shoe & Brew Trips: Camera - optional
    • 'Shoe & Brew Trips: Sunglasses if it's bright out
    • 'Shoe & Brew Trips: Your driver's license and some cash/credit card just in case you'd like to buy an extra bottle or an extra snack outside of what is included with the trip.


  • Cancellation Policy:

    We run a small family owned company whose focus is on creating incredible adventures for people just like you!

    Keep in mind that you are choosing to participate in an adventure activity, and sometimes that calls for just simply being adventurous!  Our cancellation policy is pretty straight forward.

    Reasons why we might cancel a trip (location dependent):

    • There is a blizzard
    • There is an ice storm
    • The highways are closed
    • The actual temperature is below -10 degrees Fahrenheit
    • The windchill is below -20 degrees Fahrenheit
    • It's raining
    • There is no snow at the snowshoeing location
    • Our team is sick or quarantining due to COVID

    Reasons that do not qualify for a trip cancellation:

    • It's too cloudy.
    • It's too sunny.
    • It's too warm.
    • It's too cold.
    • It's too windy.
    • It's colder where I live.
    • It's colder in Antarctica.
    • I think you get the picture.  If it's not listed in our reasons why we would cancel, then it's a personal decision on your part and the choice is yours.

    Reasons you might be asked to not attend a trip. If you are asked to leave due to one of the following, you will not be offered a refund or a reschedule and you have forfeit this adventure. 

    • You are inebriated
    • You show up wearing jeans or other cotton base layers
    • You are wearing inappropriate footwear (do NOT bring high heel boots)
    • You are severely inadequately dressed for our activities
    • You show up on the wrong day

    Cancellation Timeline

    • If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, there is no cancellation fee and you are welcome to reschedule or receive a refund. If you used a special voucher to book the trip, you will be issued a new voucher by our businesses that can be used on a future adventure.
    • If you cancel between 24 - 48 hours in advance, 50% will be withheld from the refund, or a 15% rescheduling fee will be assessed.
    • If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or fail to show up for your trip, no refund will be given and there are no rescheduling options.  You have forfeit this adventure.
    • Exceptions apply for anyone in your group exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. We'd rather not pass that around.