The Gear ReSource Outfitters : Canoe & Kayak Adventures

Summer is the time to get out and have fun!

What better thing to do on a hot summer day than get out and play in that water? But instead of just sitting on the shore, get out and experience a beautiful side of nature and take a paddle on the Cannon River!

Enjoy the lucious shade of the Big Woods forest. Catch of glimpse of the eagles eyeing you from their nests. See great blue herons, white herons, belted kingfishers, deer and more!

Stop on a sandy bank and enjoy a picnic, or stare in wonderment at the sandstone escarpments that overlook the river as you float on by.

Take the route from Faribault, stop by the Wilderness park and end the day with a hike up the bluffs to see the view, and wind your way to Northfield for a hearty dinner. Or take the route to Lake Byllsby and end the day hanging out at the beach.

So many opportunities... where will your adventure take you this summer?