• About us

  • Following a life-changing journey through the Andes Mountains and fueled by a life-long passion for the outdoors, Robert and Nicole Stai opened The Gear ReSource in 2012 as a store focused on getting everyone equipped to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  They realized that getting families equipped for the outdoors was only half the battle, and the next phase became apparent; it was time to provide opportunities to get out and use the awesome gear our wonderful customers now have... and the outfitter was born.

  • We believe that life should be a balance of work and play and we try to instill the same ethics in everyone around, "Always work hard, always play harder!" For that reason you can be confident that whatever type of adventure you choose to join us on, we'll be there to make sure everyone is having a great time! Below are a few of the individuals you are likely to meet if you venture into their natural enviroment, the great outdoors!

  • Nikki Stai

    Adventure planner extraordinaire! From camp chef to navigating the bus systems of Peru, this lady will make sure that every adventure is amazing!

  • Robert Stai

    Wilderness Guide

    Usually seen leading the charge into the great unknown, if you're going to follow this guy you'd better be ready for an adventure!